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Your Home EV charging. Simplified.
Automatic, accurate and real-time EV charging administration. No more codes, cards or apps.
Free Yourself From Admin, Arguments and Hassle — And Comply With New Rules From Skatteetaten

We love home charging; it’s convenient, easy and, best of all… it’s cheaper. But calculating the cost of charging is complicated. 

Whether it’s reminding people to swipe cards when they plug-in, submit forms and logs on time or fraud — working out the actual cost of home charging is a nightmare.

With so many taxes, fees, changes in electricity prices, working out what home charging actually costs requires trust, guess-work, debates and a lot of painful admin.

Introducing Thnxel

“The card-less, app-less, automatic way to calculate refunds for home charging.”

Calculate EV Home Charging Refunds Automatically
Automate the tracking and administration of Home Charging for your EV fleet remotely. No more cards, no more codes and no more admin.
Automatic Refund Calculation

Exact hourly price, grid costs and tax calculated for each employee’s home address.

5-Minute remote setup

Installs in minutes from anywhere in the world. No hardware required.

Comply With Skatteetaten

Track and refund the correct amount for each Home Charging session and comply with new tax laws

Save on charging

Encourage EV home charging and save up to 80% on public charging.

EVs & Plug-in hybrids

Can be used with both EVs and Plug-In Hybrids

Perfect for Shared Garages

Manage shared parking, always pay the actual price charged by your supplier, not just an estimate.

How It Works

We want to end the cards, calculations, and confusion when it comes to refunding for home EV charging. 

Thnxel is a ‘car-centric’ platform for companies and shared garages, that automatically tracks and calculates the true cost of home EV charging and sends you an accurate monthly statement for each driver.

We don’t rely on guesswork or manual logs — we get real-time data directly from the manufacturer of your EV then combine it with live data from electricity suppliers and official government bodies.


Track and refund your employees’ home charging easily.

  • Save on expensive public charging (up to 80% cheaper)
  • Automatically track and refund your employees without hardware, cards or apps
  • Only pay for charging to company EVs — not friends, family and neighbours


Track and refund your residents’ home charging fairly.

  • Calculate the actual cost of charging in for each resident — No more flat rates or estimates
  • No more guesswork, charging cards or paying for friends and family charging
  • Instant setup — ready to use within minutes without hardware or any modifications

How To Get Started


Register account on GemCoin platform and share your interests with system


Find goods, assets & sellers, automatically matched by GemCoin via AI engine


Buy and sell goods securely, basing on smart contract and blockchain technology


Create an account with your desired EVs


Connect your vehicle — for most models this takes just 2 minutes


Start seeing your tracking in real-time from the moment you plug in

Supported EVs
FInd Your EV
Our platform supports more than 22 OEMs and we’re adding more all the time. Sign up and add your vehicles in minutes.
Supported Models

Thnxel was created by EV drivers who love EVs and want to do more to help EV adoption. Read more about our story here.


‘Sounds great! But…”

We use a secure connection to your manufacturer of your EV to get live notifications and data from your vehicle. In most cases, this can be done in a matter of minutes, although some manufacturers will require authorisation for this connection to be established.

Yes! We use an authorised connection to your vehicle via our security partner. This provides us with a secured line of communication to your EV which will send the Thnxel system statistics about your charging activities so we can calculate and administer the cost of charging for you.

Yes, absolutely! Unlike other systems that will rely on cards or manual entry, Thnxel won’t interfere or interrupt any other system you are using.

No, Thnxel doesn’t make any changes to your car’s hardware, setup or software, we only read data from your vehicle and only using approved methods.

We get our prices from government sources and from live market data. For rebates, we receive them and discount them from your charging the day that they are published, which is usually the first day of the month.

You can connect your car in as little as 5 minutes and start using the system right away. For certain models, we will contact the manufacturer of your vehicle to start the system, which can take longer.

We have an easy tool to check if your vehicle is compatible and for vehicles we are in the process of adding, you can use it here.

Absolutely not! Although we want to do everything we can to encourage home charging and make it easy for you to save money, this means you can charge as normal at any charger, anywhere in the world.

If you are ready to start saving time and money with Thnxel, you can start by selecting the vehicles in your fleet using our tool located here.

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