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Thnxel For Apartments & Shared Garages

Please your EV owners. 

Give them the opportunity to save and pay the actual real-time cost, not a flat-rate.

Real-time Nord Pool pricing for housing with Shared Garage Facilities

Working out the actual cost of charging is mostly guess-work making it expensive for EV owners, but also time consuming and frustrating for both board members and residents.

That’s why we’ve created Thnxel For Apartments — track all charging sessions in real time, provide accurate costs, calculate all fees automatically and can be integrated with any financial system.

Get started now — connect your EV in minutes

How It Works

Thnxel is a ‘car-centric’ platform — that means we don’t rely on data from chargers alone or manual entry.

We combine charging data from the car’s computer with real-time charging costs from electricity companies, grid owners and Strømstøtte from the government.

Combining all this data for your residents, in one place, gives an accurate calculation of what the EV has cost the apartment building.

When ‘strømstøtte’ is calculated at the end of the month, the board receives a complete cost overview for all electric cars and what they will be invoiced for.

Each EV owner gets an overview showing their consumption and what they will be charged.
ThnxEL for garages can be integrated with the financial system. This involves minimal administration for the board.

How To Get Started


Create an account for your apartment building


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1. Register

Create an account for your apartment building

2. Connect

Invite residents to connect their EVs — this takes just 3-4 minutes

3. Track

Start seeing your tracking in real-time from the moment you plug in

Supported EVs
FInd Your EV
Our platform supports more than 22 OEMs and we’re adding more all the time. Sign up and add your vehicles in minutes.
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